Artwork by Christine

A. Chirping Blue Bird of Happiness

B. Chirping Black Bird

C. Extra-ordinary Chirping Brown Bird

A. "Dream" scroll 73X30"
B. Dragon -2’ X 4’ ink and acrylic on paper Hard mount with purple border
C. Touch the heart - 18” X 14” gold leaf and acrylic on canvas
D. Eight Fold Path 15X15" unframed
E. Wonderous Dance scroll 25X10"
Enso (Zen Circle) 21X21"
Golden Moments 24X18 canvas/gold leaf
H. Be scroll 25X10"
I. Silence 24X14 Unframed
J. Wondrous Style scroll 25X10"
K. Mountain scroll 25X10"
L. Framed Heart Sutra for exhibit at S.F.Library 18X16"
M. Fan/Silk - Eight Fold Path
N. Heart Sutra seal script 28X48" unframed

Price List (does not include shipping)

A. Chirping Blue Bird of Happiness – Paper Scroll – 600

B. Chirping Black Bird – Paper Scroll – 600

C. Extra-ordinary Chirping Brown Bird – Paper Scroll – 600

D. Dream – 1200

E. Dragon – 1200

F. Touch the Heart – 600

G. Eight Fold Path – Unframed – 400

H. Wondrous Dance scroll – 250

I. Enso (Zen Circle) – Unframed 250

J. Golden Moments – Canvas/gold leaf – 600

K. Be scroll – 250

L. Silence – Unframed – 400

M. Wondrous Style scroll – 250

N. Mountain scroll –  250

O. Heart Sutra on papyrus – on exhibit starting Sept. 17, 2017 San Francisco Library

P. Fan Eight Fold Path – 800

Q. Heart Sutra Seal Script – contact artist

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