Artwork by Christine

EB-1-19 Empty brush #6** unframed 18X14 $200
K-3-20 Transparent Freedom "Todatsu" * scroll 44X17 $1200
K-4-19 Move without moving unframed 17X14 $200
K-1-18 Yin/Yang Unframed 16X17 $300
B-2-19 Moonlight paper scroll 31X12 $600
K-2-18 Four Practices from Lotus Sutra 48X18 $800
D-3-18 Chirping Blue Bird of Happiness 34X14 $600
E-4-18 Chirping Black Bird 34X14 $600.
F-5-18 Extra-ordinary Chirping Brown Bird 34X14 $600
G-1-15 Dream scroll 73X30 $1200
H-2-15 Dragon -2’ X 4’ ink and acrylic on paper Hard mount with purple border $1200
I-3-15 Touch the heart - 18” X 14” gold leaf/acrylic on canvas $600
K-1-13 8 Fold Path 15X15 Unframed $200
K-2-20 Heart Sutra Mantra - Seal script Acrylic on canvas 12X12" $400
L-1-15 Enso (Zen Circle) 21X21 Unframed $250
M-2-15 Golden Moments 24X18 canvas/gold leaf $600
K-1-20 Deep Samadhi scroll 45X17 $1200
O-1-08 Silence 24X14 Scroll $400
K-5-19 Set Free 27X13 Ink on paper unframed $400
K-5-20 Mountains & Rivers 14X11 Unframed $200
R-1-17 Heart Sutra 18X16 framed $600
S-1-14 Eight Fold Path $800
T-2-17 Heart Sutra seal script 28X48" unframed -contact artist
K-2-19 Samadhi Light Exhibited in France 2020 45X17 $1200
K-6-20 Bamboo 20X16 matted $300

Comments and Notations

In a recent workshop I was using my scroll Deep Samadhi as an example of how to make a scroll. Someone asked me, “Do you experience samadhi when you do the artwork”. My answer was, ” I try”. Much of the artwork is done after morning meditation and I take many of the words from the reading I do in the morning which may be imbued with my state of mind. Then, there is the chirping bird series, a playful embrace to the wonderful birds that wake me in the morning.

* Todatsu – Is a Japanese word that I took from a reading of Katagiri Roshi’s book, Each Moment is the Universe, which explores the Time/Being concept of Dogen’s. I was intrigued by his explanation because many times in Buddhist texts non duality is posited but this word describes it as non separation and further implies no obstruction.

** Empty Brush – This is a series that I started with what was left of ink that I had ground for specific artwork. I would take the left over ink and put it on paper and then keep adding to it. When it gets to a certain point, I will sometimes add something – but it is mainly just abstract lines.

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