Email hacked

There is evil afoot this holiday season and it is not some rogue elf. If you receive an email from me entitled Catch up do not open. Hopefully they will tire of phishing my contact list. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


A friend of a friend needed to move a piano out of his house, unfortunately the piano had to be taken apart to get it out the door. The word went out the the piano keys would be available. I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular but just saw black and white. I raised my … Read more

New Artwork for 2021

During the covid crisis and lock down I tried, as I’m sure many of us did, to keep my sanity. Good people in my pod, taking walks and working with new ways with my artwork. I was reading the Shobo Genzo during meditation and I was taking phrases from the reading to use them as … Read more

Samadhi Summer – Part 4

This is a short book that took a long time. As my healing progressed, so did the summer. I was amazed at how long it took me to do simple tasks. When I first started to drive after a month I would organize my trips like I had done in the past, only to find … Read more

Samadhi Summer Part 3

As I have been lax in posting from the path during my Samadhi Summer, I have just a two more posts of my artwork. Since it was summer I couldn’t pass up the moment to celebrate Independence Day. My thoughts about independence gravitated towards interdependence.

Calligraphy Intensive 2020

Last week we finished the 9th annual Zen Calligraphy Intensive. As the week progressed and the information from the outside world was growing increasingly bleak we continued on in our practice of calligraphy taking appropriate precautions to be mindful of potential spread of the coronavirus. On Friday Mercy Center closed its doors but allowed us … Read more

Ink Dialogue-Paris Exhibit

I recently returned from Paris where I went for the opening of the Art of Ink exhibit on Feb. 12th. It was held in the city hall of the 8th arrondissement and so was honored to have the mayor at the reception. My first time in Paris or France. With the many events and things … Read more

Samadhi Summer Reflections Part 1

First I want to share the incredible success of my back operation. Many people wanted to share the horror stories about back surgery with me before the surgery, which just scared me to try and look at every alternative available. But as I was looking at my MRI with my doctor recently, I saw how … Read more