Samadhi Summer Reflections Part 1

First I want to share the incredible success of my back operation. Many people wanted to share the horror stories about back surgery with me before the surgery, which just scared me to try and look at every alternative available. But as I was looking at my MRI with my doctor recently, I saw how damaged my spine was at L4-5. Starting in the lumbar region the spinal cord turns into kind of a tail called the cauda equina, where the nerves trail off and go down the legs. My spinal cord was so choked off at this point, such that they could NOT go down, but were going up and stayed bunched up at L4-5.

As I look back at the artwork that I did over the summer while I was recovering I saw that I had an inner dialogue going on. below are some haiku that I wrote. Thanks Lorene for reminding me that I was going to share this artwork. More to come.