Samhain readings at the Stags Head Pub

In preparation of Samhain, the Druid’s Halloween, two story tellers from Galway came to the Stag’s Head Pub to weave the stories and myths of the ancient Druid’s. The Druid’s believed that the year ended in November with the end of the harvest season and began in May with the spring. This was a time where they would know from the health of their crops, if they would experience feast or famine during the winter. I suppose that would determine the tone of their Samhain celebration. Their stories based on myth and facts made for a wonderful way to experience this time, rather then the way of passing out candy. Having been at Tara Hill the day before and then having the story tellers breathe life into the beliefs of the ancients, I felt like I had in some way reached back in time to experience what it was like, sans the primitive way of living.

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