Trim Castle, Cistercian Abby and Hill of Tara.


Grainne & Chris atop Trim Castle


Grounds of Trim Castle


Inside Trim Castle


Corner of the wall protecting the castle



Ruins of the tower


Grainne has told me that Trim Castle is a proper castle. Blarney is what can I say – blarney. Trim is the largest Norman Castle in Ireland, gifted to Hugh de Lacy by King Henry II. It had a proper moat and was defended by about 50 knights. The moat was supplied by the waters of the nearby leper colony further defending the castle because of the fear of catching the disease while crossing the moat.

Cistercian Abbey

Ruins of a Cistercian Abbey


Inside the abbey.








Grainne is an architect and it is fascinating to go through these ruins with her. She points out the different periods of construction, so I can see how the places change over the centuries.


Tara Hill


On the right, Stone of Destiny, atop Tara Hill








The Hill of Tara is an ancient Neolithic site which would have been seen from Newgrange, a Stone Age site dating back 5,000 years.

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