Blarney Castle & return to Dublin

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle

Grounds of Blarney Castle

Grounds of Blarney Castle

Kiss the Blarney Stone

Blarney Stone and where you kiss it.

I spent the afternoon at Blarney Castle. It was a beautiful park with many different areas to see. Climbing up to the top of the castle I was suffering from vertigo, so I didn’t exactly want to lie on my back, hold onto the black railings (that you see in the picture), tip my head back to kiss this stone. Even if they man sitting there was going to hold me! So I opted for walking backwards with my eyes closed down the wishing steps. Why do the Irish make it so hard to enhance their luck?

Marijuana sign

Sign by the growing marijuana

Marijuana caged

Growing marijuana in a cage


Sign by the growing hemlock.

The castle had a poisonous plant section. Among other plants they classified marijuana as a poisonous plant and had it growing. Of course, no poisonous plant garden would be complete without hemlock.

Walking the wishing steps

After walking the wishing steps.

I have my fingers crossed after walking the wishing steps because I figured I needed all the luck I could get having used that poisonous plant in the past.

My last night in Cork, I went to the Oliver Plunkett Pub. They had two venues for Irish music. Downstairs was a contemporary group, but I couldn’t distinguish its nationality, and upstairs they had a traditional Irish group. I say group but it was only two men. One playing an amplified acoustic guitar and the other uilleann pipes. They both had rich voices singing traditional songs I had never heard before.

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