Botanical Garden and Irish Kazism

Outside garden

Conchita (a ceramacist from Spain working at the museum and staying at Grainne’s) and I walked up to the botanical garden yesterday. The glass greenhouses were filled with exotic plants. I was amazed that the outside garden still had plants in bloom. Several days before I saw a black tube in Grainne’s outside area and I asked if it was part of her watering system. She just laughed and said, “In Ireland we don’t need a watering system!” Can you tell I’m from California?

Replica of a Viking house


Thatch on the Vikiing house

The thatch on this roof reminded me of the thatch that I’ve seen in small villages in Japan. It had large reeds for the walls and no door.

Irish Kazism: I can’t drink Irish coffee. I don’t drink whiskey during the day and I don’t drink coffee at night.