Evening at the Grave Diggers Pub and travel to Cork.

Monday and Tuesday in Dublin was really just getting oriented, visiting the site for the workshop next week and working out the details. I tried to find the James Joyce Centre but it felt a little like trying to make my way throught Finnigan’s Wake. My terrible sense of direction has led my tourism into more of an exercise program.

I met up with Irene’s friends, Alice and Radek (photo to follow), last night and they took me to a very old pub where I had my first Guinness. I wanted to go into the adjacent cemetary, but it was locked. I’ll return in the day even though the ambience is not the same. Lovely couple and I was happy to have the connection and get their perspective of Dublin. This morning I took a bus to Cork. Caroline, a woman in the workshop last week, invited me to come and visit her in Cork. Home to the Blarney Stone. I’m sure it is the source of the American shortened version of B.S.

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