Storming Dublin Castle




View of the castle from the grounds.

Chester Beatty 2

Entrance to the Chester Beatty Library

Other side of Dublin Castle2

Across the grounds from the castle.

I thought it would be nice to storm the castle like a pirate, but the weather in Dublin was so beautiful – no storm in sight! I hit the ground running on Thursday and here it is already Saturday and I’ve had my first class at the Chester Beatty Library (photos to follow). These pictures are of buildings around the grounds of Dublin Castle where I went on Friday to check to see that everything was ready for my class on Saturday. My host, Grainne, met me at the airport and brought me to her home where I will be until I go to Venice on November 1st. It is very comfortable for me in her home and I’m happy to be able to see the country from the perspective of local people.

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