Catching up with myself

Set of Arthur Miller’s play, A View from the Bridge

My last day in Dublin and I went to see a play at the Gate Theatre. The accents were so good, I felt like I was in Brooklyn.

Moon over the River Liffey on Samhain


After having dinner with friends, I took the DART back to Dublin City. This was my view from the bridge. It was alive with people dressed up in costumes and children out for trick-or-treat.



A beautiful day in Venice

Took an early flight from Dublin to Venice and was greeted by a beautiful day. The first time I’ve taken off my jacket when I was outside. I left my bag at Palazzo Minotto and took a train to Vicenza. Stayed with my friend, Tim, and had dinner with Luca before I had to return to Venice to start the workshop there. The workshop starts today.

Vicenza Piazza dei Signori during the open market