Venice workshop 2015

A show of hands

The Venice workshop is over and between artwork, cleaning brushes, going to concerts, eating fabulous food and enjoying the people I’ve not blogged one word. To those who were at the workshop last year, I’m sorry to say that there was not one drop of rain and none of the excitement of aqua alta. This year we were forced into coping with mostly sunny days and a few foggy nights.

Venice at sunset
Sunset from the palazzo
Foggy Venice
The little bridge on a foggy night from my apartment
Monica and Kaz
Teachers as students

This is such a unique workshop because not only do each of us struggle to learn the techniques, but each teacher learns the tradition of the other.

A show of our work


The final show







Such a unique experience, but I’m sorry to say that we will not do this workshop next year. There are so many details to coordinate to make this workshop happen, we might attempt to do it again in 2017. If not, for those who were able to experience it I want to thank you for sharing in my vision of this extraordinary blend of traditions.

Grazie mille.