The Doors of Dublin

Staying in the Georgian section of Dublin reveals rows and rows of housing with mainly brick facades. The doorway is one way to show individuality. The glass above the doorway often has been replaced without the ornate skeletons. The colors are as vibrant as the Irish personality… and of course…

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Book of Kells and Irish music


Long room at Trinity College

My final days in Dublin and I’m getting to the interests that are inside. The weather continues to be exceptional for Dublin this time of year. This is an amazing library and it even smells like a book. The Book of Kells, of course can not be photographed, is in a room downstairs and I could even read parts of it thanks to my Latin courses in college. At the end of each stack is a bust of famous writers. Below a few  of my favorites.



Friday night in Dublin and Conxita and I went out to some pubs for traditional Irish music. I was looking for uilleann pipe music and I found it in spades at Hughes. Three musicians were there and each had a different type of instrument. The music at Cobblestone was good with several people spontaneously breaking into song, but many of the patrons were more interested in drinking and talking then in listening.


Musicians at Hughes

Musicians at Cobblestone